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Are you Psychic? Workshop with T J Higgs

  Categories: Mediumship / Psychic

  Sat, 8 April 17 : 10:30 am

  Shakra Centre, Canterbury Road Charing Kent


An amazing chance to train with T J Higgs in Kent 10.30am-4.30pm Whether a complete beginner or w ...Read More...

T J Higgs Evening of Clairvoyance

  Categories: Mediumship / Psychic

  Sat, 8 April 17 : 7:30 pm

  Shakra Centre, Canterbury Road Charing Kent


Another chance to see the fantastic Tracy Higgs at the lovely Shakra Centre in Kent. One of the b ...Read More...

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair 16th April

  Categories: Mind Body Spirit Fayre

  Sun, 16 April 17 : 11:00 am

  Hoo Village Institute Main Road Hoo

  07951 168863

Readings, treatments, beauty,, massage, detoxing and healing for your mind, body and spirit. Cozy ...Read More...

Evening of Clairvoyance with Pauline Mason & Tracy Fance

  Categories: Mediumship / Psychic

  Wed, 21 June 17 : 7:00 am

  The Village Hall, The Street, West Hougham, Nr Dover, Kent CT15 7BB


An Evening of Clairvoyance with International Mediums Pauline Mason & Tracy Fance We’ve all lost lo ...Read More...

Healing Energy Workshop: Connecting to your Soul

  Categories: Energy Work

  Tue, 4 April 17 : 7:00 pm

  St Stephen's Church Hall 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ, London (A 5-minute walk from Gloucester Road tube station. The address is 48 Emperor's gate, when you are there the entrance is on the left side of the church hall where there is a sign "Pooh Corner Kindergarten")


Welcome to one of the most profound sessions to explore your healing energy powers. A delightful com ...Read More...

Coming Soon

Compassionate Mind Approach to Mothers Experiencing Perinatal Distress

  Categories: Life Coaching

  Thu, 30 March 17 : 1:00 pm

  Derby QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter


Suitable for all those involved in supporting mothers. Such as; IBCLCs, midwives, health visitors ...Read More...

Information Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path through the teaching of Bruno Groening.

  Categories: Other Fantastic Events

  Thu, 30 March 17 : 5:30 pm

  Ballynafeigh Community Centre 283 Ormeau Road Belfast


A lecture about spiritual healing and help through the teaching of Bruno Groening. Through the ab ...Read More...

Weekly Meditation & Self Healing: Through the Power of Sound

  Categories: Meditation / Relaxation

  Thu, 30 March 17 : 7:00 pm

  The Deborah Ubee Trust 20 Egerton Drive, Greenwich, SE10 8JS, London


We spend our lives on the go, rushing from one place to another, but it's important to remember to t ...Read More...

World Yoga day

  Categories: Energy Work

  Fri, 31 March 17 : 12:00 am

  ISKCON Temple, Sanidhya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page whe ...Read More...

Universal Healing Therapy

  Categories: Buddhism

  Fri, 31 March 17 : 12:00 am

  Shivranjani, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Full description Full description Full description Full description Full description Full descriptio ...Read More...